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Accounting & CPA Services in Wasilla & Rural Alaska

I’m Carmen Jackson, CPA.

My staff and I are pleased to welcome you to our online office. Here you’ll find information about the Firm and the services provided. Please contact us to see how our experienced team can help.

The Firm offers comprehensive services to meet your non-profit and government finance needs.

Professional Accounting Rooted in the Alaskan Work Ethic & Pioneering Spirit

We are dedicated to serving our fellow Alaskans. Our team is proud of the independent outlook and respect for the natural world that all local people share. Through our dedication to client satisfaction and excellence, we’ve earned the trust of our clients. Let us put our business and financial expertise to work for you.

Dedicated to Your Success: Accounting Expertise You Can Trust

Whether you are the head of a tax-exempt non-profit, rural local government, or are part of a local school district, we’re ready to lend a financial hand. We will handle your accounting situations with meticulous care and accuracy. Our team provides comprehensive services to meet your needs.

Get the accounting services and support you need from an Alaskan accountant committed to excellence. Contact Carmen Jackson CPA, LLC — today!

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